Bulgarian Business Consultants

Advisory Services

Our Advisory division provides first-rate services to companies in various industry sectors that are seeking advice on:

Mergers & Acquisitions

We are a middle market M&A advisory company with the industry expertise, research capabilities, and broad network of domestic and international M&A professionals to provide a solid base for initiating transactions.

Our team has special middle market expertise in identifying and evaluating potential buyers, sellers and strategic partners. We assist in evaluating alternative strategies such as expansion through organic growth, roll-ins, and/or establishment of strategic partnerships and joint ventures.

Our team is experienced in all phases of the M&A process and provides services including economic, industry and financial analyses, capital structuring, pre- and post-acquisition due diligence, and transaction support. We also facilitate the negotiation process between all parties and manage the closing of financial terms, tailored to our clients’ needs and capital market demands.

Corporate Finance

Every company requires external investment funding at some stage of its development in order to maximize corporate value.

Whether an established company or a start-up business, we have the experience to provide the most suitable funding options through:

-- Private Equity Funds
-- Business Angels
-- Bank and Micro Loans
-- Mezzanine Funds
-- EU Funding
-- IPOs and DPOs
-- Self-Financing
-- Other Sources

By utilizing our partnerships with UK and US funds, we also offer large public corporations alternative investment vehicles such as equity facilities, convertible securities, warrants and/or any combination that can be emitted on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. Our partners generally invest in industry leaders that require $5 - $100 million for further expansion and/or development.

When markets demand it, we are capable of offering special refinancing options through an established partnership network of banking institutions and leasing companies.

Management Consulting

Companies differ in terms of business and investment needs and capabilities. Bulgarian Business Consultants enters each engagement with the philosophy that all clients require a customized solution.

Using our primary-source research methodology, our customized approach ensures that our clients receive all significant issues, details and challenges their enterprises face. We create strategic business plans, as well as cost-cutting and performance solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Restructuring Services

Bulgarian Business Consultants offers comprehensive company rescue, turnaround and restructuring services. We can act in an executive capacity, unique for a fully integrated firm. When businesses require temporary support with debt and other capital structure problems, Bulgarian Business Consultants may be retained to provide advice and guidance on restructuring plans and unprofitable division spin-offs.

Market Entry Research

We offer professional research and market entry services to international companies seeking to penetrate certain Bulgarian markets.

Our knowledge of local trends and regulations, coupled with well-established partnerships with market research agencies and attorneys enable us to provide our clients with:

1. Risk assessment of domestic markets and industries
2. Forward-looking sector trends
3. Initial investment requirements
4. Regulation issues

Business Valuation

The determination of value is critical to all business owners, whether they intend to sell, list (on an exchange) or simply continue to operate a business with the greatest financial benefit to their shareholders.

We use state-of-the-art valuation techniques, based on detailed understanding of market valuation drivers, forward-looking business forecasts, and the cash-generation capabilities of the company. It is generally the case that for any given situation, a combination of methods will be more relevant than any single method. The choice of methods will be at the discretion of the valuation professional.

Principal methods of our team:

-- Discounted Cash Flows
-- Market comparables
-- Precedent Transactions
-- Balance sheet based
-- Leveraged Buyout


Our experts come from large banking and advisory institutions, thus bringing forward extensive industry experience and unmatched expertise, they have developed client-focused business approach that enable the company to provide each customer with independent and personalized advice and financial services.