Bulgarian Business Consultants

Our Company


Our mission is to be the recognized Bulgarian advisory partner, assisting international investors and funds in identifying merger and acquisition target companies while supporting small to medium-sized local companies in pursuing growth through finding the proper investment tools.

We strive to help our clients increase profits through high-quality, business advisory services and integrated business solutions. We support our customers to be more efficient and apply to upcoming EU related expectations trough an extensive international network, broad experience, market innovation and team work.

Principles and Values

Our work is always based on the principles of excellent competency, open and collaborative approach and determining the needs and achieving the goals of our clients.

We strive using an open and collaborative approach to understand our clients. Our team strongly believes that close cooperation and partnership with clients and other professionals is the most valuable approach in doing successful business.

Before we assist our clients with their financial and investment opportunities and challenges , we first need to develop significant knowledge regarding their business. We need to understand their sources of revenue, profits and competitive advantages, as well as their clients and competitors. Gaining a deep insight will allow us to make our services extremely valuable and will improve the quality of our work significantly.

Our Team

Our team consists of business brokerage professionals, consultants and M&A advisers, who have continuously served and met the investment and strategic requirements of a broad client base. The managing partners of Bulgarian Business Consultants bring more than 30 years of cumulative advisory experience at leading Bulgarian, European, and North American banking and financial advisory institutions.

Each team member possesses cross-industry knowledge and experience, thus bringing in all-inclusive skill set and diverse partnership network.

Our team members always place our clients’ interests first. Our business approach focuses on creating and adding value to every company in a manner that encourages continuous growth and success. We aim to understand our clients’ unique goals and business strategies and provide them with independent, conflict-free, financial advisory services, abided by the highest ethical standards.


Our experts come from large banking and advisory institutions, thus bringing forward extensive industry experience and unmatched expertise, they have developed client-focused business approach that enable the company to provide each customer with independent and personalized advice and financial services.